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Praise for The State of Affairs

"This is not just a book about infidelity. Affairs have a lot to teach us about relationships—what we expect, what we think we want, and what we feel entitled to. They offer a unique window into our personal and cultural attitudes about love, lust, and commitment. Through examining illicit love from multiple angles, I hope to engage you, the reader, in an honest, enlightened, and provocative exploration of modern relationships in their many variations." 

- Esther Perel, The State of Affairs, "Introduction"

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"The problem with modern marriage is not the people getting married or the institution itself. Our unrealistic expectations are the problem. With her insight, compassion, and sense of humor, Esther Perel leads us out of the corner we’ve painted ourselves into. Everyone who is married, is about to marry, or would like to marry someday needs to read this book. Everyone who has been cheated on, has cheated on someone, or might end up in a cheating predicament—meaning everyone—needs to read this book."

Dan Savage, author of American Savage

"No one has more to teach us about love and relationships than the brilliant Esther Perel. It’s not only her remarkable and unique insight but also her humanity that makes The State of Affairs essential reading for anyone in a relationship."

Joanna Coles, Chief of Content at Hearst

“Esther Perel does nothing short of strip us of our deepest biases, remind us of our purpose in connecting as lovers, and save relationships that might otherwise sink into the sea—all with even-handed wisdom, fresh morality and wise prose. Thank heavens for this woman.”

Lena Dunham, author of Not That Kind of Girl

"Drawing on her deep expertise as a therapist, Esther Perel masterfully shines a light on one of the last taboo topics of our time. She explains why infidelity sometimes happens even to happy couples—and how we all can build more resilient relationships."

Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Take and coauthor of Option B

"Finally, a book that looks at infidelity with a fresh lens. Not only useful, but truly entertaining!"

Diane von Furstenberg, author of The Woman I Wanted to Be

"Inspiring, informative, beautifully written, and sure to provoke every reader in some way, this book is the latest treasure offered up by Esther Perel, an astute cultural observer and innovative couples therapist. Read the first page and you won’t be able to stop."

William J. Doherty, Ph.D., author of Take Back Your Marriage

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