The Infidelity Resource Guide

It can be hard to know where to start the conversation after an affair. This guide is meant to help start that conversation.


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Section 1 outlines the three primary phases of recovery - Crisis, Insight, and Vision. This will help you contextualize the conversation and locate yourself and your relationship after the revelation of an infidelity.

Once we've defined the three phases, the next section covers an important Phase 2 concept - what questions do you want to ask and what information do you want to know?

This article, written by me in the Psychotherapy Networker, covers a full range of cases and reflections on various "types" of recovery patterns. My hope is that it will further help you put words and understanding to this difficult topic.

What's Inside

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Section 1: Three Phases of Recovery

Section 2: Detective vs. Investigative Questions

Section 3: "After the Storm"

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